Ignition if you out your mind to it,you can change the world.

Ignition if you out your mind to it,you can change the world.


We at Recruit Marketing Partners accompany people as they accumulate life events and are aiming for the realization of a world that increases the “overall happiness” of people’s lives.
To achieve this, our mission is to work towards the solution of societal problems.
We are changing the world by tackling topics such as the inter-regional and economic disparity found in education, the promotion of language freedom, and the support of the active participation of women in the workplace.


Development Environment

We aim to create a team whose goal is to achieve the best development practices.

By in-sourcing our development framework, we allow our engineers to choose the development environment and language that best suits them, and emphasize the speedy incorporation of the latest technologies and tools through the initiative of the engineers themselves. When launching a new service, we ask for engineers to commit from concept design to end product. We almost never rely on existing development environments.

Development Framework

Each product is developed by a team that, other than engineers, includes product owners, designers, etc.. Agile development methodologies such as Scrum are selected and adopted by each team. Additionally, with the goal of devoting approximately 80% of our time to development, we are constantly seeking to make site improvements while leveraging systems such as remote work.

Management and Assessments

In order to provide accurate assessments and technical guidance, all our development teams are managed by practicing engineers.

Machines and Tools

In order to achieve business efficiency and remote work, we have introduced the highest-spec machines and most efficient tools.

- Development Machine

The devices our engineers use are procured by the company at the individual request of engineers. Within certain monetary and security constraints, it is possible to get just about any BTO desired, including Mac/Win. Moreover, machines can also be replaced every 2 years.
All support required for increasing individual development efficiency (such as preferred keyboards and mice, and dual display environments) is provided as part of our system of independent development groups.

- Project Management and Information Sharing

Communications are generally carried out through either Slack or Qiita:Team. Mostly using JIRA and Confluence, each team selects and uses the tools that are best suited for each project.

 - Source Code Management

We collectively use's private repository management.

Open Workshops and Study Sessions

We encourage our engineers to proactively engage in workshops and events that are open to those outside the company. Our community activities to get those outside the company involved include hosting workshops such as “Kyobashi.go” and “Kyobashi.dex,” and support in the form of venues and catering to joint study sessions such as “Potatotips” and “Scrum Masters Night.”

Internal LT

We periodically conduct internal Lightning Talks to enable our engineers to share insights on each project among themselves. The members of the engineering team get together and engage in knowledge sharing while enjoying the presentations from the various fields that are normally divided.

Scrum Training

We conduct training with employees who hold Certified Scrum Professionals (CSP) certification and coaches invited from outside the company.

Technical Characteristics

Using primarily “Ruby on Rails,” “Scala,” “Swift,” and “Android Java,” the engineers who are directly involved in a development independently choose and utilize the technologies they find best for them. Centered around AWS, our services run only on cloud services, while development is carried out in an independent environment with either independent Mac or independent Win.

  We encourage our engineers to engage in multiple areas of development such as getting iOS engineers to develop Android apps or server-side engineer to develop iOS apps.

With a corporate culture that actively incorporates new technologies into production, we encourage bold initiatives that contribute to service development. Additionally, we do flow improvements and social contribution activities such as cutting code libraries out of the code used in our services and making it OSS, allowing us to do so without hesitation.

  With a working group system relating to development, anyone can suggest improvements to the environment and tools. Until now, we have had initiatives in “QA/QC improvement,” “remote work related development environment improvement,” and “the unification of monitoring systems.”


Remote Work

With all teams having incorporated remote work, we have a system that enables development to proceed without engineers having to come to the office and regardless of their location. Almost all teams conduct daily scrums on Slack to coordinate their activities and get on the same page.   The remote work days of the week are decided through team consensus. Team members communicate as needed, such as by having their daily scrum face-to-face once or twice a week.

Training and Overseas Dispatching Self-Suggestion System

This is a system that makes suggestions and aids individuals in acquiring personal development and input opportunities. The system actively supports the creation of learning opportunities through one's own initiative, such as through participation in national and international conferences.
※ Overseas conferences attended in the past.
Google I/O, WWDC, SXSW, Adobe Max, AWS Summits, Global Scrum Gathering Prague 2015, etc

Book Procurement System

This is a system whereby the company covers the full cost of books that are necessary to improvements in skills and technology. All engineers can freely procure the books they need.

Personnel System

Career Pass

Allows personnel to select their own route for career growth, be it as a specialist engineer or a producer in charge of products, and move forward.

Mission Grade System

A meritocratic system where age, date of entry in company, and status as a new hire or mid-career hire do not come into account. The value of work performed (Mission Grade) and output determine the bonus one receives. This system allows for the bold appointment of skilled professionals and compensation based on objective metrics.

New-RING (New Business Proposal Scheme)

This is Recruit’s long-running (20+ year) and historic system for the incubation of new business. Proposals that clear the document review and interview process receive a development budget of several million yen and are given three months to develop and launch the product. The final products taking the grand prix and runner-up prize obtain a chance to formally launch the product live.

STEP Leave System

Up to a maximum of 28 days of continuous leave can be taken every three years. Employees can take this time to relax and unwind, go on a short study abroad to further their skills, or make other effective use of their time. Leave is paid. In addition, a stipend of 300,000 JPY is given.

Career Support Funding

The following funding systems are in place in order to support employees’ career growth after they leave the company.

Standard Severance
For employees who have been with the company five years or fewer, up to a maximum of 1M JPY is given.
Frontier System
For employees who have been with the company five years or more, the equivalent of a year’s salary is given.
The New Frontier System
In addition to the Frontier System, which provides a considerable retirement bonus equal to one year’s pay, we have a system that provides a payment, which is added to the fixed amount of money, every three years after the age of 35. The aim of this is to provide an occasion for people to reflect on their career. (There are conditions for this payment, such as requiring 5 years of continuous service after a mid-career job change)

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INFORMATION : Recruit Marketing Partners INFORMATION : Recruit Marketing Partners

Work location
Monthly salary / Bonuses
Monthly salary: more than ¥340,928 (including uniform allowances)
※This can change based on the content of the work you are assigned.
Bonuses:Twice per year (June, December)
◆Example of our yearly income model
¥5,800,000/ 26 years old (4th year as a working adult, 1st year with the company)
¥7,820,000/ 30 years old (8th year as a working adult, 3rd year with the company)
Office hours
Flextime system
The New Year’s holiday, Summer vacation, Golden Week, Marriage leave, Parental leave, Wedding and Funeral leave, Mourning leave, Job relocation leave, Thanks holidays (one day per year that corresponds with a family anniversary), STOC holidays (leftover paid leave), etc.
Late-night or holiday work allowance, Fixed Overtime allowance, Transportation allowance (as determined by the company), etc.
Other Benefits
Employee stock ownership plan, Childcare leave, Medical leave for the care of an elderly family member, Medical leave for the care of a sick family member, Shortened work hours during childcare, Defined contribution pension plan, Retirement bonus, Social insurance (Health insurance, Nursing insurance, Welfare annuity insurance, Occupational accident insurance)


Work location
Monthly salary / Bonuses
Monthly salary: ¥340,928+ *Will depend on assigned roles and responsibilities
Bonuses: 2 times per year (June and December)
Office hours
Flextime Policy
New Year's holidays, summer vacation, Golden Week, marriage lave, parental leave, wedding/funeral leave, bereavement leave, relocation leave, carry over of unused paid leaves (2013-2015 paid leave usage rate: 100%)
Late-night or holiday work allowance, Overtime allowance, Transportation allowance (as determined by the company), etc.
Other Benefits
Free location policy (support for working temporarily from global offices), book purchasing program, short-time working policy for childcare, childcare leave, family/eldercare leave, social insurance (health insurance, nursing insurance, welfare annuity insurance, occupational accident insurane)

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